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Robert Kerr


"You understand that buying and selling is an emotional process, but you don't get bogged down in that. You understand that the goal isn't to close the deal, but to close the deal in a way that doesn't require your client to do something he (or she) will not be able to live with later. 

The thing I believe many people miss--because they don't think about it beforehand--is that a good agent is not only a great marketer (which you are) and charming and good with people (both of which you also are) at the front end but also a problem solver on the back end."

Lisa Giordano


"We’re so happy to have worked with Marjorie, and really consider her a good friend.  She’s such a positive person, and doesn’t have a bad thing to say. 
Marjorie is really good at what she does.  It’s clear to us and everyone that has the pleasure of working with her that she is in the exact right profession for her unique skills and strengths!"