My first TV interview…”Hi, I’m Bob, and you are…Petrified!”

Orlando, FL. Yes, petrified, that’s really what I said when Bob Guiney, host of the “Success Today” TV Show introduced himself to me. You may recognize Bob from the TODAY Show or remember him from season four of “The Bachelor.”

I wasn’t nervous about meeting Bob, but I was petrified!  It seems sort of silly. I talk about real estate every day of my life, but not under bright studio lights, in front of three cameras.

If you know me, you may find it surprising that I suffer from horrible stage fright. My husband and business partner, Bill, arranged with my agency to schedule my appearance on the “Success Today” TV Show to be aired on ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX affiliates across the country. There was no turning back.

In the two weeks leading up to my television interview, I had a couple of media training sessions with a consultant from New York.  He was terrific, but trying to remember everything I had just learned only made me more anxious. So I practiced and rehearsed advice I normally deliver effortlessly in a client’s living room.

Bob’s a really nice guy. I think he even muffed his first line on purpose to put me at ease.  Everything else is a blur. I’m happy I did it, but relieved it’s over!